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The following is some of the frequently asked questions and information on bagpipes at your event.
Do you wear a kilt while performing?
Yes. I wear traditional highland clothing while performing which consists of - Jacket - Kilt - Hose - Ghillie Brouges - Flashes - Sgian Duhbs - Sporran - Shirt & Tie - Glengarry.
What tunes are played on the bagpipe?
The bagpipe only has 9 notes therefore some modern tunes are not possible to play on the pipe.
How does a bagpipe work?
The bagpipe is more of a one man band with 4 different reeds.There are 3 drone reeds and 1 chanter reed. The 3 drones consist of 2 tenor reeds and 1 bass drone reed. Air is blown into the bag (the reservoir for air). Once a reasonable pressure is reached the pressure causes the cane reeds to vibrate which produce the sound.
Does the bagpipe have a volume switch?
No. The bagpipes is an outside instrument and tends to be loud in a small space.
How does the weather affect the bagpipe
The bagpipe works on cane reeds so moisture is a big part of the sound. In Las Vegas the temperatures can get extreme in the summer. A proper bagpipe is made from African blackwood and the wood and does not like going from 68 to 110 degrees.